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if i had a coin for every time i broke this site, i would have 3 coins, yeah fuck that.


think my ps2 disc drive might be giving out :(


i have a couple pcs that i can use but heres the specs for my main computer that i use for most things
Windows 10 home/Ubuntu
Intel Core i5-3740
Nvidia Geforce GT 1030
8gb DDR3
and other parts cobbled together
and an msi 144hz monitor (forget the exact model)

i do also have a shitty laptop with arch installed, and another one with windows 7. as well as 3 pcs i just found but i dont really do much with them (they arent very good and dont have gpus in them). i also have a pc with an rtx 3070 but its not necasseraly mine, and i only use it sometimes.


Hello everyone, i aplogize for the last entry, no i did not die, i just forgot to post again. i did have some drafts but i also forgot about them. i've been working on some things, mainly videos for youtube, but also some other programming projects. so, sorry for the absence

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