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not feeling too great


been playing my psvita a lot lately, and even been thinking about playing persona 4 golden, ive played persona 3 and i liked it (even though everyone HATES IT, i thought it was fine). speaking of psvita, i do wonder, is there even a single person out there who owns, let alone plays, a vita? after all its sales were absolutely awful, from all the false advertising and other controversies (talking about YOU sd card support...). i do think its an amazing system though i really do, especially the psp support and better emulation compared to just the psp. overall just a better system from the psp, IN my opinion because it has perfect backwards compatibility with psp, even though i still love the psp and still have one. psp/vita best handheld.


new month new... something...? everything feels the same everyday nothing really changes, same news same thing happens in the world just in a new style. maybe its my fault for looking at the world this way. everything either seems to be stuck in time or moving too fast, or maybe im the slow one. happy august everyone!

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